composition series – negative space

„Not that much to see on that image“.
Maybe, this describes the concept of negative space best.


Near the observatory Michelbach in the Wienerwald north of Rohrbach an der Gölsen.

Idea & composition

I love this kind of photos!

That’s why I’m always looking for situations in the snow or fog; both create a calm white background. Like a white canvas before the first brushstroke. Plenty of space and enough room to put the main motive at the optimal point. It is also ideal for me to have only one motive. One object, which I can place completely free from distractions in the white viewfinder. Glorious – this is what makes image design really enjoyable! You do not have to deal with any restrictions due to disturbing backgrounds, elements that project into the picture from the side or contrasting colors etc.

I know this small group of trees on the steep meadow well and have already photographed them many times. Local knowledge always pays off! The decision to take a picture of this place in the fog was obvious. I had to place my tripod slightly below the trees to set them off against the white background. However, I wanted to photograph the group of trees with a slight telephoto lens from a greater distance to avoid distortions of the trees. Since the really dense fog has thwarted my calculations. I had no choice but to get closer and choose a weak wide angle. A compromise of enough contrast and details in the trees on the one hand and the least possible distortion of the trees on the other hand.

My opinion

I’m pretty happy with this photo. But it is not perfect!
I would have preferred to take the photo with about 70 to 85mm of focal length. Let´s wait for the next opportunity – and then it will be a great picture!

My assessment

3 /5 stars

3 stars, because the composition is very clean. Need for optimization for the next photo: longer focal length 🙂

Gear used:

Nikon D800
Nikkor AF-S 2,8/17-35 (32mm)
ISO 100, f.11, 1/125sec
expose compensation +1
cable release MC-36 and mirror lock-up
Gitzo carbon tripod 3540 XLS
Really Right Stuff ball head BH55

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